Top 10 Ways to tell if you are a Sheep (and not a Lion)

UPDATE:The absolute best way to tell if you are a Sheep is if you own clothing by Lions Not Sheep with a “Made in USA” label despite being made in China being made in China, Columbia, or Bangladesh.

  1. You refuse to wear a mask saying you aren’t afraid, but you have lots of guns
  2. You aren’t vaccinated because you don’t trust the science, but you drink bleach and take livestock dewormer because you heard about it on Facebook
  3. You constantly watch Fox News, but don’t trust major media
  4. You insist on asserting your freedoms, but refuse to acknowledge any consequences
  5. You are quick to limit other people’s rights, but demand yours
  6. You are anti-government, but pro-military
  7. You vote against entitlement programs, but are on medicare
  8. You think the 2020 election was stolen, but support legislation that disenfranchises millions
  9. You wanted a guy you could relate to for President, but you voted for a Billionaire conman 
  10. You ban books

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