Return Fire

If you are anti-woman and eager to strip womens’ rights to full reproductive health decisions while preserving the rights of deluded men to massacre children in their classrooms, you are an enemy of the people. If you use the political levers to strip a woman’s right to choose or preserve a man’s right to shoot people in church as a means of amassing more power, you are a terrorist. If you take campaign contributions, payment, or bribes from lobbyists and corporations that make tools for killing people in return for laws that corrupt the will of the people you are unfit for office. If you stand at the pulpit and preach lies and hate and misogyny, you are the American Taliban.

You have wrapped your self in the cloak of history, and religion. You haved draped yourself with the flag and waved the founding documents around. In your hypocritical hands these symbols reek with the rot of your fraud. Your corruption soils these actions and all that you do. You have no ground. You are the enemy.

We reel in the blood of those you have betrayed. But we shall flounder no longer. We will burn you out. The people will RETURN FIRE!

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